Service Overview

We market and sell crude oil on the high seas to companies in Africa, Europe and America. At present, Makelby International is looking for partners to team up in the onshore and offshore crude oil exploration in some identified oil fields in Ghana. Together with these partners, we shall conduct geological mapping and prospecting – valuable techniques that are prerequisite to petroleum exploration.

We shall also deploy the following Geophysical methods to allow for a graphical presentation of geological observations and interpretations through these processes;

  • Gravimetric prospecting
  • Immagine5
  • Magnetometric prospecting
  • Immagine6
  • Seismic prospecting
  • Cattura
  • Left: Onshore seismic survey
  • Right: Marine seismic survey
  • Immagine9
  • A 2D interpreted seismic section
  • Immagine10
  • Drilling the exploration well
  • Immagine11
  • Well logging
  • Coring
  • Immagine12
  • Well testing

The oil exploration upon commencement, is expected to produce petroleum products such as transportation fuels; fuel oils for heating and electricity generation; asphalt and road oil; and feedstocks for making the chemicals, plastics, and synthetic materials that are in nearly everything we use. Subsequently, these products would be sold in the local and foreign markets. Through this project, a lot of jobs shall be created for several people in Ghana and across Africa with the host nation benefiting from huge economic revenues for development.

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