Economically, empowering local farmers is of prime interest to us. We create the platform for local farmers to participate, contribute and benefit from growth processes in ways that recognises the value of their contributions, respect their dignity and make it possible to negotiate a better distribution of benefits. These include the provision of all the necessary financial support to enable individuals and businesses to excel in farming while eliminating the barriers that derail the success of agriculture.

Currently, we provide the following support services to farmers;

  • Timely credit supply
  • Subsidized interest rate to farm loans
  • Provide adequate and timely supply of farm inputs
  • Create feasible and prompt markets for producers
  • Provide crop and personal insurances to farmers

Ultimately, we hope to complement government’s effort in phasing out outmoded farming practices by introducing improved farming methods and transfer of agricultural technology to enhance the livelihoods of farmers.

Our agro-industry, converts raw agricultural materials into value added products while generating income and employment in a manner that contributes to the overall economic development. We have acquired huge acres of lands in the western region of Ghana. These lands are being used for rubber plantations to produce car tyres for the local and international markets. This also includes the large-scale production, processing, and packaging of food, chemicals, and fertilizers using modern equipment and methods. A variety of fruits such as pineapples, watermelons and many more shall be cultivated, harvested and processed on a commercial scale. An aspect of this project also involves the planting of Cassava on large hectares of lands for starch production and to brew beer for Africa, Europe and the American markets.

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